INFOCUS 20 - Webcast Replay

INFOCUS 20 was all new and all digital this year. Now, you can rejoin CAT online with our webcast replay.

Watch our session below that give you more information about the JDE EnterpriseOne automatic technical documentation tool that every E1 developer has been seeking. 

What every JDE E1 developer has been seeking, an automatic technical documentation tool!

Presented by Dave Taylor, C&A Technology LLC

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Technical documentation is critical at any phase of an ERP implementation and beyond. Technical documentation starts to diverge the moment development begins. Without strict policies and even with them, technical documentation slowly becomes inaccurate and gradually ineffective. We have a process that will automatically generate technical documentation based on the actual code in EnterpriseOne. Technical details like fields, variables, event rules, objects used are all rendered in a Word document that will become the gold standard for your corporate documentation. When the question is asked if there is documentation, the answer is yes and it will be current to the latest build.

  • Configurator is a tool that automates the selection and configuration of highly complex products. Highly complex products have related features and options.
  • A relationship results when an association or correlation between the features and options or associated parts exists within its subassemblies.
  • Configurator enables a manufacturer to configure its existing product to the detailed and specific requests of its customers.

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