Reduce Manual Processes and Streamline Operations

Does your company supply to the automotive, heavy truck, and other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) industries?

Implementing JD Edwards’ Demand Scheduling Execution (DSE) solution with CAT can help reduce your operational expenses including complex contract management, painfully slow manual processes, and costly order fulfillment errors.

Built on existing JDE forecasting, sales order, inventory, warehouse, shipping, financials and EDI capabilities, CAT’s DSE provides a complete EDI thru-to-cash solution that automates demand and cumulative schedules, release shipping, and automotive advance ship notices (ASNs).

CAT’s Automotive Industry Expertise

  • CAT has worked extensively with Tier 1 and 2 Automotive Suppliers to bring them tremendous value and cost savings through automating the DSE process. Because the automotive industry has such a sophisticated and intricate supply chain business model, their supply chain needs more functional capabilities than any other manufacturing industry.

    To address this, CAT is a member of the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) and we’ve built a strong EDI practice that helps JDE users manage their supply chain demand requirements. Working with DSE often requires expertise that goes beyond the typical EDI consultant’s knowledge and depth.

    We know that automotive suppliers need to handle high-volume orders in an incredibly fast-paced supply chain that is passed to them by the OEMs. This demand is almost always passed along to the suppliers via EDI or XML.

More on CAT's Automotive Expertise

DSE Implementation Benefits

Working with CAT to implement DSE into your processes lets you:

  • Automate manual processes
  • Dramatically reduce human intervention and errors
  • Comply with OEM business process standards and lower TCO
  • Improve communications and delivery on all OEM requirements
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Better manage your balance of supply and demand
  • Improve on-time delivery performance and enhanced collaboration with your OEMs

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DSE On-Demand Webinar

This case study webinar shows how C&A Technology (CAT) helped a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier update and automate previously manual procedures in processing automotive planned and firm orders by implementing JD Edwards DSE, Forecasting, and MPS.

Presenter: Craig Hill (CAT Co-Founder and EVP of Industry Strategy & Service Delivery)

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JDE Demand Scheduling Execution - DSE

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