EDI Error Determination for JD Edwards

JD Edwards customers utilizing system 47 to process EDI documents have always struggled with identifying and remediating errors due to translations and JD Edwards configuration. Each EDI transaction set that has its own set of reports to identify errors. This forces the EDI analyst to review each and every report, which is very time-consuming. CAT has built a tool, a cockpit so to speak where all EDI errors can come to one pane of glass and be processed without multiple clicks.

A Case For Action​

  • CAT EDI Managed Services Group needed a quicker way to identify errors
  • The team needed a way to communicate EDI errors to our clients with pinpoint accuracy
  • Found out there was a need in the marketplace

Each area of JDE has its own set of error reports and applications.  This separation forces an EDI Coordinator to review 5-10 separate reports to find the errors, then the user must go to the individual applications to remediate those errors.

Errors listed on reports are not helpful to remediate the errors​
  • No indication of what the error is
  • No place to go to fix the error
  • User must go to the work center for each error which is way too cumbersome
EDI Error Determination

Our EDI Cockpit Solution

We placed ourselves in the shoes of an EDI Coordinator (a day in the life)​ and asked these questions.

  • What do I do when I log on in the morning
  • How do I determine my priorities for the day
  • What is the sequence to look at the errors
  • Need to resolve the errors before the the next batch EDI run

A solution to an age-old problem​

  • We designed and built a tool where errors from all transaction sets can be displayed
  • Gave a path to the applications to resolve the errors
  • Included custom tables, reports and applications

Take a look at the Cockpit


EDI Cockpit Benefits​

  • One pane of glass to view all transaction errors
  • Single entry point to resolving errors
  • Ability to quantify how many current errors there are
  • Give precious time back to the EDI Coordinator to resolve errors (instead of trying to find errors)
  • Incorporate custom EDI processes
  • Implementation
    • No cumbersome installation is required
    • No 3rd party applications
    • Hands on training is provided
    • Minimal setup is required to configure the cockpit
    • New features are added by CAT (no cost upgrade)

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