Enhance and Improve Your Bottom Line with Key Metrics

What are the most critical metrics for SAP® software in the Manufacturing industry?

In Manufacturing, it’s important to explore the key metrics that will impact your financial performance. Having the visibility into what is truly important and taking action to transform your business and have a holistic view of your company’s health.

With CAT’s deep Manufacturing background, as well as our business process and SAP® software expertise, we can help you unlock the full value of your SAP® system to:

  • Identify cash flow improvement areas
  • Increase productivity and on-time deliveries while reducing inventory
  • Gain faster insights to drive competitive decisions and actions
  • Uncover Manufacturing improvement opportunities
  • Improve employee and client satisfaction and retention

Manufacturing Industry Challenges

  • Poor customer service
  • Limited visibility of factory activity & order status
  • Inefficient & costly product life cycle management
  • Inability to determine accurate inventory requirements
  • Difficulty calculating true production costs
  • Ineffective link to external trading partners
  • Poor business growth & profitability
  • Changes caused by the shift to a global marketplace

Here are the sales and manufacturing metrics that CAT recommends for our SAP® software clients:

Manufacturing Metrics data sheet