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CAT makes it easy for you to download our JD Edwards products including our Utility Tool Kit. Use the links below to access the latest versions of our tools.

JDE Products


It is important to have a well-documented system as well as a quick and repeatable way to keep the documentation up to date. Add the ability to compare documented objects and you have a truly powereful means to maintain your system.
V 3.10 - Release Date 2024-03-26
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JDE Comparison Tools

CAT’s JDE Utility Tool Kit helps you more efficiently manage your upgrades and multiple instances. Our tools are available for UDC’s, Menus, Processing Options, Data Selection, and Data Dictionary Items.

Download the latest versions below.

UDC Comparison

The UDC comparison tool enables comparison of User Defined Code values between environments and systems.
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Processing Option Comparison

The application will provide the detail side by side comparison of installed versions of Program processing options settings
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Data Dictionary Comparison

The application will provide the detail side by side comparison of Data Dictionary elements that are either changed, missing or extra.
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Menu Comparison

JD Edwards often changes the menu structure to accommodate new feature functionality.
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UBE Data Selection

The application will allow the users to compare UBE Data Selection between environments.
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JDE Developer Tools

CAT’s JDE Developer Tools let you identify JDE objects within the Object Management Workbench and organize the objects by application type.

Download the latest versions below.

Custom Object Analyzer

The application will provide a detail list of modified “Base JDE Object” programs to be tested and validated against enhancements in the new version creating Project Setup and User Documentation.
V 3.00 - Release Date 2024-07-02
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Log File Parser

The Log File Parser allows the user to reduce the log file to necessary statements for debugging and problem solving.
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Database Analyzer

The Database Analyzer compares files and field attributes from one environment to another and allows the user group and aggregate data by user selected field.
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