SAP Activate Implementation Methodology

Implementing SAP must bring value to business communities in the shortest possible time. The practices of the past that take months and years to interpret business requirements into a system and only then involve business communities to review the solution, are long gone.

Nowadays, SAP projects start with a personalized library of preconfigured best practices, relevant to your specific business, that are played back to your business communities within the first weeks of the project, during which applicability is evaluated and solution education at the workface of the project. This means that the Fit/Gap analysis is available within 8 to 10 weeks of the start of the project and implementation turns its focus on closing gaps, testing and training and enablement of business constituents to increase assimilation of an already known solution.

SAP Activate is the result of a multi-year, iterative collaboration process to draw information into a best of breed solution that delivers specific outcomes using a set of standard tools. SAP Activate is summarized in phases that start with Discovery and Preparation, and wraps with Go-Live and Post Go-Live Support (Deploy & Run). This is the standard process for delivering an SAP project. Workstreams and Deliverables support each phase and tasks that complete each deliverable are fully documented.

SAP Solution Manager, in conjunction with SAP Activate provides the repository of project information for both project management (e.g. GANTT Project Plans), as well as the Solution Management aspects (configuration, customization, documentation) needed to complete the implementation.

SAP Activate Implementation Methodology

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