SAP’s HANA and complete solution portfolio have been transformed to leverage all that SAP HANA brings, and this introduces a new approach to enterprise computing. Now an opportunity awaits the right consulting and implementation approach to bring this to life and deliver value to your business. Through years of experience, CAT SAP respects SAP’s Industry and Line of Business Solutions as the best of the best

Intelligent Enterprise

Enterprise computing is now in the hands of the business and has been simply coined “Intelligent Enterprise.” The transformed Intelligent Enterprise approach through database, and technical adjustments in application layers now make it possible to deliver imbedded analytics within the application layer, and business decisions can be supported in real-time right next to the business process events, like orders, payments, and production confirmations in true-real-time.

Furthermore, the multi-facted approach to menuing using SAP Fiori has revolutionized system access and usability, with imbedded analytical insights folded into the menu-tile to inform and direct behavior and prioritize work.


95% improvement in daily cycle throughput

SAP Solutions like S/4HANA and C/4HANA running on SAP HANA is very fast. Some customers are reporting a 95% improvement in daily cycle throughput, which has increased efficiency and improved the relevance of transactional records, e.g. Purchase Orders, to being much more real-time and connected to what is really happening in the business.

SAP in the Cloud

All of this processing speed and application efficiency bodes well for a well-structured Enterprise Cloud approach to deliver your enterprise application support, and leverage the economics of a centralized platform and software approach. You still have options to run SAP on-premise, but most companies we meet are exploring Cloud approaches, to investigate all that this promises in value to your businesses.

Real-Time SAP

SAP’s approach to rapid innovation has been energized by this modern, connected, real-time intelligent enterprise approach. Partners are now plugged into the innovation pipeline and can deliver applications across the portfolio of SAP Solutions for any to deploy and consume in near-real-time.

Continuously Improving Innovation

SAP’s most recent acquisition promises to align experiential knowledge in any application realm, like customers, suppliers, employees to continuously improve innovation and performance of enterprise business processes.

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Since CAT launched our SAP consulting division in January 2019, we’ve greatly expanded the solutions and consulting services that we offer with an industry focus on Manufacturing/Supply Chain Management as one of our core competencies. Download our SAP overview to learn more about how we can assist you.
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