Leverage an end-to-end EDI Managed Services solution for SAP

Would you like your EDI Managed Services to include EDI Coordination, Mapping, and SAP Configuration?

CAT provides a true turnkey solution with our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Managed Services for SAP.  We handle everything for you to free up your valuable time to handle other critical aspects of your business.

Our full-service EDI offering spans the entire process:

  • EDI coordination
  • Translation and mapping
  • SAP functional support

CAT’s 3 Pillars of EDI Support


CAT’s EDI Support Levels

You can completely outsource EDI and SAP configuration support to CAT, and our services are based on a monthly subscription with no long-term contract.

    What CAT’s SAP EDI Services Provides

    • SAP System Administration – We provide proactive scheduled maintenance to free up your IT staff. Our ad-hoc services let your team submit support tickets for one-off issues.
    • Issue Management – CAT uses JIRA© Service Desk to manage and maintain support tickets. JIRA allows for configurable SLA’s to meet your business requirements and provides real-time tracking and visibility on your most critical issues.
    • Configuration and Development Support – We provide full application support for SAP.
    • EDI Managed Services – CAT provides a turnkey solution for EDI ranging from EDI Coordination, Mapping, and Translation to supporting configuration changes in and out of SAP files. We identify, manage, and process exceptions of EDI transactions that have errored in the system.

    Benefits of CAT’s EDI Services Offering

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