JD Edwards to SAP Safe Passage

During more than 40 years, SAP has addressed the systems needs of the enterprise with ERP and other unique and supplemental business systems. SAP S/4HANA is the next-generation solution platform that brings a fresh new look at the world of digital transformation for today’s enterprises. System processing takes advantage of in-memory computing to deliver speed and efficiency to some of the most complex business problems through any transactional, planning or analytics business process, all integrated into a single platform.

These more technical aspects expedite the process of addressing customer business requirements in real-time, while gaining visibility to every downstream supply chain need whether in a buying or manufacturing context, in real-time. This “network of processes” enables decisions to position your business in the best possible way to capture incremental business and add value to your business overall.

CAT specializes in the process

CAT’s SAP practice specializes in the process of converting JD Edwards customers to SAP. We engage SAP’s Best Practices content by industry within SAP S/4HANA, while identifying and enabling your unique business needs too. SAP’s Activate implementation methodology defines our approach to bringing SAP up and running for your business in the shortest possible time.

Deep knowledge of JD Edwards’ technology and applications enables a migration to SAP that is predictable and fast. Our knowledge of JD Edwards’ date field formats, proprietary data dictionary, table structures and user interface make it possible to bypass off-track analysis and get to the point quickly and easily. Older versions of JD Edwards should not be a deterrent either, since many of our team members started JD Edwards careers during World Software days in the 1970’s.

While organizational change management is essential to any system implementation nowadays, CAT brings unique knowledge of JD Edwards culture, application structure and user interface into any SAP project. Users familiar with JD Edwards applications User Interface, will need some help getting know SAP applications, processes and SAP’s Fiori user interface. CAT is able to aid this transition with an in-depth JD Edwards and SAP knowledge. We think of ourselves as SAP and JDE bi-lingual.

Ready to Make the Move?

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