Business Value Assessment

SAP Business Value Assessment Workshop
Build a Business Case to Align your SAP Business Systems with your Business Strategy
  • Leverage the most out of your current licensed SAP software release to optimally meet your business goals
  • Determine whether the objectives of your original implementation have been fully realized
  • Build a plan to determine the value of optimizing your current SAP advanced functionality, providing for a better end-user experience
  • Understand the scope, impact and value associated with moving to the latest SAP release
  • Take advantage of new functionality and an extended support window to maximize your investment and success
Have you realized your SAP investment?

Most companies spend significant time and resources selecting, planning and implementing their software solution but use less than 50 percent of the solution’s functionality — failing to use its true power!

The CAT Business Value Assessment approach involves a multi-discipline review of your SAP solution, utilizing the tools and methodologies from our Value Assessment and Post Implementation workshops.

The CAT Business Value Assessment provides an efficient and structured approach to assess how well you are realizing the full benefit and ROI of your SAP software investment.

The CAT Business Value Assessment is conducted onsite by the CAT Value Assessment Team providing you highly skilled resources with the optimum blend of Industry, Business Process and Product Knowledge and Experience.




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