Plan both strategically and tactically with SAP® software best practices

How can I maximize the outcomes from my business planning?

CAT has teamed with the Oliver Wight organization to explore the best practices needed to leverage SAP® and create a world-class integrated business planning process that includes both strategic and tactical planning elements.

Enabling Business with Technology

As a business value-focused SAP® Systems Integrator, CAT focuses on Integrated Business Planning and Sales & Operations Planning and all branches of planning that emanate from these overlapping and often confusing terms. We then:

  • Research your best possible options for Integrated Planning
  • Discuss these options with you on the appropriate technology solutions that will optimally support your specific Planning issues

SAP® software as Your Base of Process Planning

CAT is expert in providing guidance toward building a world-class business process improvement for planning within your enterprise. We will perform the initial high-level assessment of your business process so we can focus your solution into the right areas to create a sustainable path to success.

Final Approach

Our approach prioritizes planning in a meaningful manner that lets your company evolve from tactical to strategic planning. We will follow your business results back up the line to your earlier strategic and business planning processes.

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On-Demand Webinar

Learn about the importance of Strategic Planning to kick-start the process, as well as flowing directives from this process through your integration to the down-stream planning activities that run your operations.

Watch our SAP® software Integrated Planning webinar by clicking the video link below.
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Don Mackenzie, EVP of CAT’s SAP Practice
Leon Dixon, Principal, Oliver Wight Americas, Inc.
Mike MacDonald, Managing Partner, ITA Data Solutions

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