Ensure the Accuracy of Your JDE Master Data

How long does it take to add a new item to your Item Master and Branch?

CAT offers MasterIntegra, a packaged and integrated JDE solution that helps you manage the setup of new products, BOM’s, and routings.

MasterIntegra ensures that your Material master data is set up correctly the first time, giving you centralized control but letting JDE verify that your new products are set up accurately and quickly. Following best practices for process flows, it leverages pre-defined templates to provide real-time visibility and tracking into your data setup.

From 14 Steps to 5

Where setting up new Master data in JDE typically involves 14 separate steps, MasterIntegra has consolidated and dramatically reduced this effort, offering these results:

  • Faster setup of new products and a consolidated go-to-market timeline
  • Fewer setup errors by utilizing templates and other automated safeguards
  • Increased product data accuracy that leads to better business decision making
  • Best-practice processes provide greater ROI as well as process consistency across departments
  • Streamlined communications that improve planning and future product development

MasterIntegra has pared down the number of steps from 14 to 5 – a huge time and cost savings.  For more information on how to add MasterIntegra to your JDE solution, please fill out the form below.

On-Demand Webinar

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