CAT Products for SAP® Solutions

CAT SAP brings a variety of talents to your business that extend beyond the standard skills of an SAP® software consultant or project lead. We have developed tools that assess your compliance with an independent set of standards across all business processes and is a very helpful way to focus your project in the right areas of your business and prioritize value attainment.

The SAP® Industry and Line of Business Solutions are unmatched in the industry. But clients still find areas where the solution lacks a little flare to reach a truly optimal state. CAT SAP has created a library of Solution Accelerators that leverage the repetitive experiences of the past to enable an optimal outcome for the process.

Below are some examples of some of our SAP® tools.

  • Business Value Assessment

    CAT’s BVA provides an efficient and multi-disciplined approach to assess how well you are aligned to capture the full benefit and ROI of your SAP® software investment.

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  • Integrated Planning

    CAT has teamed with the Oliver Wight organization to explore the best practices needed to leverage SAP® software and create a world-class integrated business planning process that includes both strategic and tactical planning elements.

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  • Manufacturing Metrics

    Because CAT’s team has significant experience and expertise in Manufacturing/Supply Chain business process, we can help you leverage the full value of your SAP® solution and identify areas for improvement to your overall financial health.

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