CAT Doc (Technical User Documentation)

In far too many cases C&A Technology (CAT) sees technical documentation being removed from implementation projects too quickly which leaves our clients without a way of understanding what customizations or modifications have been made to their system.  It is important to have a well-documented system as well as a quick and repeatable way to keep the documentation up to date.

Why is it important to document your system:

  • Audit Confirmation
  • Reduce Tribal Knowledge
  • Easy access to review modifications
  • Use in design sessions

Who can benefit from a well-documented system:

Development Team
Business Analyst
External Resources
IT Management

At CAT our thought process while building this tool was to:

  • Make it quick to run
  • Make it templated for all object types
  • Make it usable by all (technical and functional resources)
  • Create a central repository to store documentation
  • Keep your documentation (Evergreen)
  • Give developers a way to pseudo code
  • Give functional resources a way to annotate
  • Output must be in Office products

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