CAT Doc (Technical User Documentation)

We all know how important it is to have a documented system and keep the documentation updated; but we see on way too many projects documentation is the first thing that gets cut from the budget.  At C&A Technology we recognized this problem and have built and delivered a product to remediate this issue.

It is important to have a well-documented system as well as a quick and repeatable way to keep the documentation up to date.  Our goal is to give precious time back to the IT staff to be strategic and analytic.

Questions to ask yourself

  • How many times do you wish to understand what a customization or modification is doing without having to pull a system analyst away to go look at the code?
  • How useful would it be to be able to tell an auditor – this is how we come up with this calculation?
  • Is it a herculean effort to keep your documentation updated?

Our CAT Doc tool takes all the application forms, report sections, controls, event rule logic and with a few short pushes of a button deliveries a fully documentation system which can be a ran over and over – year after year.

Let’s get specific on how and the thought process around build the CAT Doc tool.

How does our CAT Doc tool work?

The tool works by looking at object librarian, pulling out the structure of the application, and listing out the components in a hierarchical structure:

  • Forms
  • Section
  • Controls
  • Events
  • Event Rule Logic

The tool then outputs into a Microsoft word format that can then be annotated by a functional or technical resources.

Our thought process while building this tool was to:
  • Make it quick to run
  • Make it templated for all object types
  • Make it usable by all (technical and functional resources)
  • Create a central repository to store documentation
  • Keep your documentation (Evergreen)
  • Give developers a way to pseudo code and annotate code easily
  • Output must be in Office products
Now, let’s find some creative ways to use the tool:
  • Have you ever had to justify a calculation to an auditor to prove how something works?
  • Has a key team member ever left or retired leaving the organization scrambling to fill the gap?
  • Our team uses the CAT Doc tool to compare what changes were made from one cycle to the next. Giving us an understanding of net change

Who can benefit from a well-documented system:

Development Team
Business Analyst
External Resources
IT Management

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