CAT & SAP® solutions for the Food and Integrated Agriculture Industries

The food and integrated agriculture industries have been evolving to keep pace with current trends on how people eat, as well as technology that supports convenience and industry growth. Some of the trends that food and integrated agriculture producers are dealing with revolve around growing consumer health consciousness including:

  • Product traceability including the demand for organic and natural ingredients
  • Meat-free and vegan foods that are ethically sourced
  • Health labeling vs. diet concerns
  • Increased regulations around nutrition and food safety
  • Greater inventory management issues
  • Grocery e-commerce
  • Slow product innovation cycles

For food and integrated agriculture companies utilizing SAP® software as their ERP system, there are a wealth of features in SAP® S/4HANA® that helps ensure food safety including batch control, source traceability, inventory management, warehouse management, recall features, and quality controls.

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But how do you know you’re maximizing the full power of your SAP® solution?

Food Processing Optimization

With our deep food and integrated agriculture industries experience, CAT can offer you a unique combination of SAP® software expertise and industry insight to align your business systems with business strategies enabled by technology.

To assist our food and integrated agriculture industry clients, CAT will:

  • Design and implement the best possible integrated planning solutions for your business to address annual/strategic planning processes all the way through (monthly/weekly) sales and operations planning and into the (daily/hourly) MPS/MRP Process and ultimately into (weekly/daily/hourly) Detailed Sequencing and Scheduling Processes.
  • Leverage the best planning tools to interpret data meaningfully and accurately while monitoring and adjusting plans based on (forecast) error feedback. These will translate into better results and workable business plans that help you run your business better. If profitability is your primary metric, then CAT will align business action into more profitable outcomes for your business.
  • Defend your business against high-risk activities, particularly those that compromise years of brand equity you have built over the life of your business. We use embedded, integrated Quality Management tools to track the details of what should be tested — at the appropriate frequency — and record quality results against your test plans to expose trends that you can address proactively.
  • Connect agricultural field operations to your supply chain for accurate weigh-ins, quality assessments, accurate grower settlement for a tight integration of all agricultural inputs to your production process.
  • Ensure that all material and product logistics can be traced and tracked internally and externally to mitigate the cost of an unnecessary recall.
  • Give all team members the ability to analyze their business processes in real time, supporting better business outcomes and solid reporting metrics.

CAT’s approach will help you isolate the business areas that are the most applicable to you (e.g. Profitability Analysis) and link all business processes that need to be fine-tuned and improved for success. The intent is to focus our work on a narrow definition of scope and isolate the best potential value at a low cost.


Our Food Expertise

CAT brings over 30 years of SAP® software expertise for the food and integrated agriculture industries in these key areas:

  • Integrated Agriculture
  • Dairy ( Download the PDF here )
  • Meat
  • Eggs 
  • Bakery 
  • Coffee 
  • Consumer Packaged Food
  • Foodservice Distribution

Watch our On-Demand Webinar

  • Join C&A Technology (CAT) for our on-demand webinar replay that is geared specifically to Food Processors that are running SAP® software. We will cover topics and best practices for:

    • Food safety
    • Demand planning
    • Commodity procurement
    • Pricing & promotions
    • Profitability analysis

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