CAT SAP pursues standard SAP Best Practices in both Methodology and in Business Processes aligned to your specific business requirements. But CAT SAP has also returned to the old fashioned practice of valuing culture as a means of expressing a vision to all employees for how customers must be served. Some of the characteristics of this culture point to doing what’s right for the customer in spite of how hard that may be from time to time.

Strong Communication

Strong communication is an essential characteristic of any good consultant. Learning about requirements, listening to feedback, while managing scope and risk is critical to any projects success. Software and solutions are seldom the cause of any project deviation, but the people element, and scope management must be managed well for the project to succeed.

Business Process

The core of our business is that software and processes should always be targeted with laser focus to using Technology to enable business. We will implement SAP and any associated software with the long term optimization of your operations as our primary goal.

Our staff’s substantial experience in detail processing of the supply chain through manufacturing and advanced planning allows us to provide the best processes from material handling through complex, variable multi-supplier business planning.

Others just implement.
At CAT, we optimize.

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CAT and SAP Support

CAT SAP is also quite happy to support your project with high quality resources that will close a resource gap you may have. Our resources can cover SAP Functional, Technical or System Administration content for your project.


CAT SAP Program & Project Governance

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CAT SAP Program Governance

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