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CAT Company Overview

C&A Technology has been providing JD Edwards consulting services since 2011 and is an Oracle Gold Partner specializing in JDE software.
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Justifying Why You Should Move from JDE World to E1 9.2

C&A Technology can help you decide if it’s the right time – and decision – for your company to migrate from JD Edwards World to E1 9.2.
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Business Value Assessment

Build a Business Case to Align your JD Edwards Business Systems with your Business Strategy.
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Managed Services

Get complete value with CAT's Managed Services, a true end-to-end Managed Services offering.
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EDI Managed Services

Our full-service EDI offering spans the entire process, from EDI onboarding to EDI coordination, to translation and mapping, and JDE functional support.
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Nearest Branch Plant

CAT’s proprietary Nearest Branch Plant solution for JD Edwards is built as a standalone system to calculate the distances between a customer and all the company branch plants.
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