JD Edwards Specialization

C&A Technology has taken the philosophy to provide solutions to the JD Edwards customer community that enhance the standard software solution provided by JD Edwards.

Our specialized JD Edwards solutions include:

  • DSE (Demand Scheduling Execution)

    Implementing JD Edwards’ Demand Scheduling Execution (DSE) solution with CAT can help reduce your operational expenses including complex contract management, painfully slow manual processes, and costly order fulfillment errors.

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  • EDI Managed Services

    CAT provides a true turnkey solution with our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Managed Services for JDE. Our full-service EDI offering spans the entire process: EDI coordination, Translation and mapping plus JDE functional support.

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  • Indirect Tax

    Upon performing our diagnostic review, CAT will identify your Indirect Tax challenges, our team will formulate a plan specific to your company’s needs and then collaboratively determine the best path forward. Your organization can achieve operational efficiencies and more.

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  • JDE Localization

    As a U.S. company running JDE and have Latin American (LATAM) subsidiaries, localization can be a double-edged sword. You need to remain compliant with the financial laws of each country – from a country, state/province, and even a regional perspective.

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  • JDE Offshore Services

    Do you need additional support for your JDE development needs but don’t have budget or in-house resources?

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