Ensure Localization Best Practices by Region, Country, and Industry Needs

Do you know how to implement SAP® localization best practices for Latin American countries according to very specific criteria?

Localization for Latin American

As a U.S. company running SAP® software with Latin American (LATAM) subsidiaries, localization can be a double-edged sword. You need to remain compliant with the financial laws of each country – from a country, state/province, and even a regional perspective. The specifics vary so much from country to country that the process can be tedious, painful, and a bit intimidating. In addition, several LATAM countries regulate industries differently by industry in each country.

For any SAP® software localization in LATAM, there are three primary areas of involvement: chart of accounts, local tax register validation, and the daily exchange rate. This means that you need localized templates to map your SAP® ERP system for each LATAM country in which you are operating. This includes business functions around Accounting, Financial Reporting, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Invoicing, and Payments. Your data not only needs to be accurate but must also map to government-run reporting standards, submitted proactively, and available electronically for review by country/regional authorities.

For the SAP® LATAM localization process, CAT can assist you with:

  • Implementing localization best practices according to local region, country, and industry needs
  • Staying on top of the latest legal changes and requirements for LATAM’s constantly changing invoice and tax regulations
  • Using accelerators to enable legal and best practices for each country
  • Bringing over 25 years of SAP® LATAM localization experience to your project
  • Local resources in LATAM regions to align and enable localization for your businesses
  • Providing transparent integration with state-control agencies

CAT also offers localization services for 16 LATAM countries that substantially increases standard SAP® localization coverage. The countries we service include:

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