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One Company’s Decision to Convert from SKU’s to the JDE Configurator

Presented by Craig Hill, Co-Founder and EVP of Industry Strategy and Service Delivery

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One company’s decision to convert all their business systems over from SKU based processing to using the JD Edwards Configurator. This had huge impact on sales order processing, product data management, and manufacturing shop floor control. It also effected EDI processing of customer orders. However, the product data management process on orders of never before sold configurations of Medeco’s product was greatly improved. Was it worth the effort of setting up the JDE Configurator? Come find out as we explain the journey we took to convince management of the investment, explained it to customers, and retrained the customer service department on the order entry process.

  • Configurator is a tool that automates the selection and configuration of highly complex products. Highly complex products have related features and options.
  • A relationship results when an association or correlation between the features and options or associated parts exists within its subassemblies.
  • Configurator enables a manufacturer to configure its existing product to the detailed and specific requests of its customers.

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