JD Edwards Products

C&A Technology has taken the philosophy to provide solutions to the JD Edwards customer community that enhance the standard software solution provided by JD Edwards.

Our product solutions include:

  • CAT Doc

    It is important to have a well-documented system as well as a quick and repeatable way to keep the documentation up to date.

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  • EDI Cockpit

    CAT has built a tool, a cockpit so to speak where all EDI errors can come to one pane of glass and be processed without multiple clicks.

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  • Nearest Branch Plant

    CAT’s proprietary Nearest Branch Plant solution for JD Edwards is built as a standalone system to calculate the distances between a customer and all the company branch plants. It lets you check item availability for a customer by showing the branches with that product sorted from nearest to farthest distance.

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  • Manufacturing Metrics

    With CAT’s deep Manufacturing background, as well as our business process and JDE expertise, we can help you unlock the full value of your JDE system through key metrics that provide a comprehensive view of your company’s financial health.

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  • MasterIntegra

    MasterIntegra allows a company to have centralized control over new product setup and decentralized input to the material master from data owners/experts in diverse locations. JD Edwards controls the process, ensuring timely and accurate setup of new products.

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  • JD Edwards Upgrade and Instance Comparison Toolkit

    The CAT JDE environment comparison utility tool assists JDE customers to more efficiently manage their JDE upgrades and multiple instances. The tools are provided for UDC’s, Menus, Processing Options and Data Dictionary Items.
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  • JD Edwards Upgrade and Instance Developer Toolkit

    The CAT JDE development tool utilities cover Custom Object Analyzer, Custom Object Report and Summarization and JDE Log and Debugger Log File Parser.

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