JDE Software for Automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers

C&A Technology (CAT) specializes in the optimization of the JD Edwards solution for Automotive Suppliers

JD Edwards (JDE) for suppliers plays a pivotal role in optimizing production processes, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring quality standards are met consistently. By providing real-time insights, automation capabilities, and integration with other systems, JDE empowers suppliers to streamline operations, minimize downtime, and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.
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As a recognized industry leader, C&A Technology (CAT), specializes in providing a broad spectrum of Automotive Tier 1-2 consulting services for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and JD Edwards World customers.

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Inventory levels went down and fill rate went up, 95% fill rate is minimum to get a green score. For every month this year, we are green and sometimes we’ve been up in the 99% level.

Maks Ramsak
Vice President Procurement and Global Supply Chain for Volvo Mack

On-Time Delivery Performance Improvement

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JDE Solutions for the Manufacturing Tier 1 and 2 Suppliers Designed to meet the unique needs of today’s Manufacturing OEM’s

JDE Demand Scheduling Execution - DSE

The promise of JDE EnterpriseOne DSE and the people who implemented it

At C&A Technology, we're revolutionizing the way we work with the rollout of JDE EnterpriseOne DSE. This system cuts down on unnecessary manual work and aligns perfectly with industry standards, making our operations smoother with OEMs. What does this mean for everyone involved?

Our customers are happier because their orders are delivered on time and working with OEMs has never been easier. Our team, the real rock stars, are making sure businesses can achieve more with less hassle. We're all about simplifying processes and enhancing performance—and that’s exactly what we’re achieving.

DSE offers a comprehensive range of capabilities designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Here are some of the key features:

Automatic processing of customer EDI demand signals directly into JD Edwards, minimizing the need for human intervention. This includes handling:

  • EDI 850 ORDERS for purchase orders,
  • EDI 830 DELFOR for material releases,
  • EDI 862 DELJIT for shipping schedule releases.

Reduction of errors and lead times through the elimination of manual data rekeying and validation for PDF based EDI documents, thereby boosting productivity and improving on-time delivery.

Removal of customizations from previously implemented EDI 850 ORDERS purchase orders, enhancing standardization.

Use of EDI 830 DELFOR material releases to refine forecasting processes, smooth out projections, and establish a reliable basis for the Master Production Schedule in the manufacturing setting.

Implementation of the JD Edwards DSE module to specifically address the unique requirements of the truck and heavy equipment sectors. This includes:

  • Netting requirements for shipping and planning schedules
  • Management of customer numbers and revision levels
  • Enhanced visibility and control over schedules and history
  • Standard pack rounding
  • Net variance reporting with tolerance alerts and notifications
  • Integration of forecasts with actual data
  • Detailed cumulative management including tracking by product and cartons
  • Calculations for cumulative to net conversions, and reconciliations
  • Monitoring of production status with ahead/behind calculations
  • Comprehensive cumulative rollback, maintenance, and historical data handling

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