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CAT for SAP® Solutions & Services

Since CAT launched our SAP® software consulting division in January 2019, we've greatly expanded the solutions and consulting services that we offer with an industry focus on Manufacturing/Supply Chain Management as one of our core competencies. Download our SAP overview to learn more about how we can assist you.
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Have you realized your SAP® solution investment?

Most companies spend significant time and resources selecting, planning and implementing their software solution but use less than 50 percent of the solution’s functionality — failing to use its true power! The CAT Business Value Assessment approach involves a multi-discipline review of your SAP® solution, utilizing the tools and methodologies from our Value Assessment and Post Implementation workshops.
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SAP® Localization Solution for Latin American

As a U.S. company running SAP® software with Latin American (LATAM) subsidiaries, localization can be a double-edged sword. CAT will help you navigate the LATM localization process from end to end and demystify how you can easily achieve legal and financial compliance.
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CAT's SAP® Optimization Solution for Dairy

Are you getting the most from your SAP® solution to handle any milk costing scenario, from basic to complex? CAT brings decades of experience and expertise in both SAP® software and the dairy industry. This combination gives you a powerful way to update your SAP® software system to maximize your ROI and profitability.
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SAP® Solution EDI Managed Services

Our full-service EDI offering spans the entire process – from EDI onboarding to EDI coordination, to translation and mapping, and SAP® software functional support. We handle everything for you to free up your valuable time to handle other critical aspects of your business.
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SAP® Software Integrated Planning

CAT can help design and implement that Integrated Planning Process that fits your company.
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