Maximize the Value of Your SAP® Solution

How can I maximize ROI from my SAP® investment to meet our company’s business goals and improve our bottom line?

Business Value Assessment (BVA) is one of CAT’s core SAP® consulting services. We realize that many companies spend significant time and resources selecting, planning, and implementing their ERP solution — but leverage less than 50 percent of its functionality.

To address this, we’ve created an efficient and structured approach to assess how well your company is receiving the full value from your SAP® solution. Our proprietary approach to the BVA process includes:

  • A multi-discipline review of your SAP® solution using best practice methodologies
  • Customization to your individual situation, industry, and departments using SAP®
  • Our recommendations for improving your profitability leveraging SAP®

Proven BVA Methodology

CAT’s BVA methodology is conducted onsite by the CAT Value Assessment Team that is highly skilled and experienced in industry, business process, and SAP® knowledge.  CAT’s BVA workshop provides an efficient and structured approach to assess how well you are aligned to capture the full benefit and ROI of your SAP® investment.

We give you a multi-disciplined review of your SAP® solution using best practice methodologies that help connect the front end to the back and deliver the best customer experience.

The steps to a successful analysis include:

Steps to Success

The goal of the CAT Business Value Assessment is to take a detailed look at your SAP® utilization across departments including:

Step 1 - Information Gathering
Gather information from your business process owners on how your SAP® software is used at the business operational level.

Step 2 - Identify Opportunities
Identify opportunities to expand the use of your SAP® software focused on improving your bottom line.

Step 3 - Cost Benefit Analysis
Conduct a cost/benefit analysis with a clear project charter that includes a 3 to 5-year cash flow analysis.

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