CAT is focused on SAP® Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods.

As a recognized industry leader, C&A Technology (CAT), specializes in providing a broad spectrum of Consumer Packaged Goods consulting services for SAP® solution customers.

CAT’s mission is to work with our SAP® solution customers from an industry perspective aligning their business systems with their business strategies enabled by technology.

For years, companies across the globe have depended on CAT’s ERP services for many types of industries, including the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. We take pride in offering our customers consultants that have a broad range of experience averaging over 15 years per consultant.

Reach out to us to find out more about how CAT has helped companies in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.


  • Increased competitive advantage with greater visibility and agility
  • Greater flexibility in managing complex pricing scenarios
  • Increased traceability from supplier to store
  • Optimized inventory and supplier performance
  • Increased profitability while managing complex supply chains
  • Ability to meet compliance requirements
  • Increased ability to handle multiple product attributes
  • Increased financial visibility down to the product and plant level
  • Increased control on shipping costs and delivery reliability
  • Visibility to service costs and customer profitability
  • Improved product quality and asset utilization
  • Increased support of global regulatory requirements
  • Increased visibility into manufacturing costs at all levels of the manufacturing process
  • Increased trace and track ability of inventory

CAT's Consumer Packaged Goods Disciplines

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Value Chain Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer Order Management
  • Transportation and Logistics Management

CAT's Consultant Expertise

  • Attribute Management
  • Asset Life-cycle Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Environmental Accounting and Reporting
  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Order Management
  • Supply Chain Planning and Execution
  • Fulfillment and Distribution Management
  • Inventory
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Blend Management

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