A Comprehensive Approach to Upgrading JDE EnterpriseOne

What Makes C&A Technology's Process Unique?

CAT provides a unique proven approach to the JDE upgrade process that significantly reduces risk, ensuring success for our JDE customers.

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Tailored for a JDE EnterpriseOne Upgrade
Incorporating Three Major Components


CAT Business Value and Upgrade Assessment

Before upgrading to a new JDE release, CAT’s Business Value and Upgrade Assessment will allow you to map out how to optimize your current software implementation, develop a plan to take advantage of the additional features of the new release and evaluate if there any additional JDE modules you do not use that may fit with your business requirements. Click to learn more


CAT Proprietary Portfolio of JDE Upgrade Tools

CAT’s proprietary upgrade tools focus on the key areas critical to the success of any JDE upgrade. Data Preparation, Data Conversion, Customization Retrofit and Testing Readiness. Click to learn more


CAT JDE Upgrade Methodology

CAT’s JDE Upgrade Methodology is based on JDE best practices. It is customized to meet your unique business and industry needs. The unique differentiator is that CAT offers to help your company upgrade to a new JDE Release focusing on Industry Knowledge, Business Process Knowledge and Deep JDE Expertise. Click to learn more

CAT Business Value and Upgrade Assessment

Before upgrading to a new JDE release, CAT’s Business Value and Upgrade Assessment will allow you to:

  • Map out how to optimize your current software implementation
  • Plan to take advantage of the additional features of the new release
  • Evaluate if there are any additional JDE modules you do not use that may fit with your business requirements

CAT’S Proprietary Portfolio of JDE Upgrade Tools

The use of CAT’s Proprietary Portfolio of JDE Upgrade Tools results in clean data, speed of upgrade, complete retrofit, environment synchronization and a unique go-live checklist that significantly reduces risk and ensures success. What makes the CAT JDE Upgrade Process unique is our overall approach.

Let's break this down for you

1. Data Preparation

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  • Many projects jump the gun regarding data preparation and do not take the time to clean up old or static data, causing massive delays when it comes to converting the data.
  • We build this step right up front in our methodology to ensure that only required data is being converted at go-live.
  • There are many data archiving tools on the market that can be employed to assist in the data archiving steps well before any upgrade is to begin.
  • Preparing and understanding what differences there are from one version of JDE to the next is critically important when it comes to a strategy of how to best convert those changes.
  • CAT utilizes our object analyzer and database analyzer to interrupt the data and make the required changes to address differing databases.

2. Data Conversion

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  • CAT follows a methodology of running early and often; meaning getting in as many mock data conversions as possible within the upgrade process.
  • Each time you run a data conversion, you learn something new, which can only be accomplished through repetition.
  • The tools we employ to do this are a combination of CAT’s database analyzer, CAT-M, and the conversion toolkit.
  • In any upgrade there are times that you have data failures and must restart the conversion process.
  • CAT’s tools allow for real-time monitoring and recovery checkpoints, so you don’t have to start over from scratch.
  • We utilize our comparison tool kit to ensure your environments are in sync by comparing such things as UDCs, processing option values, menus, and UBE data selection and sequencing.
  • Our goal is to meet your go-live window (typically over a weekend).

3. Customization Retrofits

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  • If you have any custom or modified objects, you are well aware of the fact, those objects must be retrofitted into the upgraded code base. This presents a number of concerns during the upgrade process.
  • Have you accounted for all of the custom or modified objects?
  • How will you document those objects?
  • CAT uses our object analysis tool to ensure that only the required objects are being retrofitted for the upgrade.
  • We also use our CAT-DOC tool to document the changes made during the retrofit activities, giving you a before & after look.

4. Testing Readiness

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  • Only the best upgrade methodologies include specific and precise steps to ensure testing readiness.
  • CAT’s comparison tool kit ensures your environments are always in sync.
  • The CAT-DOC tool allows you to document the technical functionality of every object within JDE.

5. Project Methodology

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  • Every upgrade project must follow a set of rules or methodology to ensure success.
  • CAT’s upgrade methodology pays close attention to the data conversion process.
  • We have a step-by-step listing of all procedures, activities, and data manipulations that must occur during the conversion process.
  • We call this our mock go-live checklist.

CAT JDE EnterpriseOne Upgrade Methodology

Tailor Your Upgrade to Meet your Company’s Unique Business and Industry Needs

CAT offers to help your company upgrade to a new JDE Release, focusing on the following three major premises:

Industry Knowledge
Our team has decades of hands-on experience in industries such as consumer products, Tier 1 & 2 automotive, industrial machinery & components, supply chain, life sciences, and wholesale/distribution. We know how to adapt your new JDE Release system to the issues faced by your industry to maximize your investment and profitability.

Business Process Knowledge
With CAT, you don’t have to teach us your business. Our efficient and structured BVA approach will assess how well your company is receiving the full potential from your new JDE solution to solve business problems and improve operational results.
Deep JDE Expertise
Our leadership team and consultants know JD Edwards. CAT’s deep JDE knowledge comes from either working directly for JDE, with a JDE partner, or working with JDE clients like you. We perform a multi-disciplined review of your JDE solution using best practice methodologies that are customized to your individual situation, industry, and departments using JDE.

Project Implementation Approach

CAT’s Upgrade Methodology

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CAT’s key components for a successful software upgrade are:


Thorough Planning

A comprehensive plan outlining the entire upgrade process is crucial. This plan should include a timeline, resource allocation, potential risks, contingency measures, and communication strategies.


Testing and Validation

Thorough testing in a controlled environment is essential to identify and mitigate any potential issues before the upgrade is deployed to the production environment. This includes unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing.


Backup and Recovery Strategy

A robust backup and recovery strategy should be in place to ensure that data integrity is maintained throughout the upgrade process. This includes backing up both the application data and the underlying infrastructure configurations.


Risk Management

Identify potential risks associated with the upgrade, such as system downtime, data loss, or compatibility issues, and develop mitigation strategies to address them. This may involve implementing rollback procedures, having redundant systems in place, or scheduling the upgrade during off-peak hours.


Communication and Training

Effective communication is essential to keep all stakeholders informed about the upgrade process, including users, management, and IT staff. Additionally, providing adequate training to users on any new features or changes introduced by the upgrade can help minimize disruptions and maximize adoption.


Support and Monitoring

After the upgrade is complete, ongoing support and monitoring are necessary to address any issues that may arise and ensure that the system continues to perform optimally. This includes monitoring system performance, responding to user feedback, and applying any necessary patches or updates.

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