Enabling Business with Technology

As a business-value focused SAP Systems Integrator, we like to position CAT SAP as “Enabling Business with Technology.” Following this mantra, we would like to focus Integrated Business Planning and Sales & Operations Planning and all branches of planning that emanate from these overlapping and often confusing terms, onto researching the best possible options for Integrated Planning in your business, and only then begin to discuss the options we have to bring Technology solutions in to provide solutions to your specific Planning issues.

Meeting your expectations

Expecting a software and implementation focused business like ours to provide guidance toward world-class business process improvement is probably going to find its way back to a software solution discussion. Therefore, you will see us engage 3rd Party, world-class, independent, Management Consulting firms to perform the initial 2 to 3 week, high level assessment of your business process in order to get the focus of the solution into the right areas, and onto a sustainable path to success

Final Approach

Finally, you will see an approach here where Planning is prioritized in a meaningful manner that enables the crossing from strategic to tactical planning and to follow the business results back up the line to your earlier strategic and business planning processes.

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