Tech Company News published an article about CAT’s SAP Practice For The Food Industry


An Interview On CAT’s SAP Practice For The Food Industry – With Don Mackenzie, EVP And SAP Practice Lead, C&A Technology

Don Mackenzie

The following is the Tech Company News interview with Don Mackenzie, EVP & SAP Practice Lead here at C&A Technology:

Q: First, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to C&A Technology?

Don Mackenzie: C&A Technology’s (which we call CAT for short) value proposition is that we bring together SAP and JD Edwards professionals who have anywhere from 15-25+ years of senior-level ERP product knowledge experience, as well as are experts in our core industries that include Food Processing.

At CAT, our strong belief is that we best service our customers by aligning business systems with their business strategies enabled by technologies, such as SAP. While our JDE practice started in 2011, our SAP practice is relatively new and we’re focusing on the industries that we have deep knowledge and experience, such as Food.

Q: Tell us more about your SAP practice and why starting it was so strategic for CAT?

Don Mackenzie: Our SAP consulting practice extends CAT’s services and solutions to a new base of ERP users. We’re an SAP partner and decided to partner with SAP because of their best-in-class software that is key to industries such as Food Processing.

Personally, I have 15 years of direct SAP experience in sales and solution architecture, as well as 16 years of JDE experience in sales consulting and solution architect roles. From a Food Processing perspective, I specialized in this industry during my time with both SAP and JD Edwards. Having both perspectives, I can offer our customers the unique ability to migrate from JDE to SAP – or vice versa.

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About C&A Technology

With offices located in New York, Indianapolis, Orlando and Denver, C&A Technology, LLC (CAT) has been providing JD Edwards consulting services since 2011 and SAP consulting services since January 2019.  CAT delivers enterprise-strength support for medium and large businesses in financial, customer relationship, supply chain management, and plant and equipment maintenance systems. CAT’s mission is to work with JDE and SAP clients from an industry perspective to align their business systems with their business strategies enabled by technology.


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