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EDI Managed Services

Explore the Components of a Successful SAP/EDI Solution
On-Demand Webinar

Are SAP EDI Coordination, Mapping, and SAP Configuration included in your current Managed Services Offering?

If your answer to the question above is no, join C&A Technology (CAT) for our "on-demand" webinar replay on the benefits of combining SAP and EDI Managed Services.

SAP EDI Managed Services providers often offer EDI Coordination and Mapping - BUT not EDI/SAP Functional Configuration. A large portion of EDI issue resolution is SAP focused, and CAT provides this as part of our standard service offering.

Our "on-demand" webinar replay will take a deeper look into all the components of a successful SAP EDI Management solution including EDI coordination, mapping, and SAP functional support.

Watch our On-Demand Webinar: SAP EDI Managed Services for EDI Coordination, Mapping and EDI/SAP Functional Configuration

Don Mackenzie, EVP of CAT’s SAP Practice and Jeff Copper, CAT’s EVP and Technology Lead

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