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JDEdwards Manufacturing Improvement Opportunities with the Right Performance Metrics

Original Air Date: March 23, 2017


 What you do not measure you cannot improve. Access JD Edwards to deliver key metrics for your business bottom line. We will discuss the right metrics at your fingertips by exploring the relationship between Manufacturing and Financial performance and review an identified portfolio of metrics to accomplish this goal.

Review Industry Challenges
  • Customer Service Level
  • Visibility of Factory Activity & Order Status
  • Inefficient & Costly Product Life Cycle Management
  • Determine Accurate Inventory Requirements
  • Calculating True Production Costs
  • Pressure and Changes Caused by Shift to Global Marketplace
  • Poor Business Growth & Profitability
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CAT Webinar for JDE Upgrade and Instance Utility Tool Kit Part I

Original Air Date: May 4, 2017


Our JDE Upgrade and Utility Tool Kit will enable you to compare Processing Options, Menus and UDCs. We originally created this set of tools for our consultants who were consistently asking us, “Do you have a SQL statement that I can use to compare this or that?” The tech guys could always do it, but we had our product development manager take it one step further. C&A Technology has a solution that is more user or customer-friendly and we want to share this with you.

Here are 3 things you’ll learn in this workshop:
  • How to keep your JDE environments in sync
  • Ways to securing your UDC’s
  • How to achieve consistent menu navigation in multiple environments
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CAT Webinar for Automating and Simplifying your JDE Freight Invoice Process

Original Air Date: November 22, 2016


For years, it has been a struggle to reconcile carrier freight invoices to JD Edwards transportation shipments. Carriers often apply additional charges, discounts, or deductions to the freight bill. Reconciling the freight bill to the shipment is a tedious and time-consuming effort. JD Edwards does not have a process in Voucher Entry to reconcile freight bills.

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