CAT CHAT: Utilizing Orchestrator Capabilities to Automate Product Reporting
Date: May 6, 2020
Time: 1:00PM-1:30PM EDT

Hosted by:

Dave Taylor

Senior Director of Technical Services/Product Development

Utilizing Orchestrator Capabilities to Automate Product Reporting
  • What sort of production reporting do you want to see that you do not currently have?
  • What sort of monitored or unmonitored Production data do you wish would trigger a report or event in EnterpriseOne?

Your company can improve production reporting accuracy and data analytics capabilities by capturing PLC data and triggering JDE functions. You can also automatically perform WO Super backflush transactions based on triggered events from your PLC or other data collection methods.

The CAT team will demonstrate how easy it is to build and utilize the capabilities of the Orchestrator using a real-world use case. We can help you add sensors to new locations or utilize existing sensors and trigger JDE reports or processes.

CAT will show you:

  • How a low cost (<$200) demonstration system is able to reliably interact with an Enterprise Quality system like EnterpriseOne.
  • How Orchestrator is used to receive data and process a transaction in EnterpriseOne

Chat with Dave about CAT’s Reporting Solution for Orchestrator

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