JD Edwards Upgrade & Instance Utility Tool Kit

Why CAT built the Utility Tool Kit

  • CAT Consultants have the same need again and again
  • Keep asking the development team for the same SQL queries over and over
  • Needed to find a better mousetrap for our functional team
  • Was a need in the marketplace for productizing our utility tools so as NOT to reinvent the wheel
  • Make these available for our customers to use



How we built it

  • Built as java applications
  • Can run on any desktop platform
  • Doesn’t need to be run on a JDE dev client
  • Deployed as an executable


Choose the Tool Kit that is right for you


Comparison Tool Kit Overview

Are you spending significant time comparing out of synch UDC’s, Menus, Processing Options and Data Dictionary Items between environments?

C&A Technology is providing its clients with a portfolio of JDE environment comparison utility tools to assist JDE customers to more efficiently manage their JDE upgrades and multiple instances. The comparison tools are provided for UDC’s, Menus, Processing Options and Data Dictionary Items.

UDC Comparison


  • The UDC comparison tool enables comparison of User Defined Code values between environments and systems.
  • The UDC comparison tool is a standalone application that will connect with any JDE environment supporting the XMLList model of interoperability.
  • The process can compare UDC values even when the two databases are not on the same server nor the same EnterpriseOne release.
  • The comparison will compare based on the system code, product code and key value looking for missing values and different descriptions.
  • An Excel file is generated for examination of the results.






Processing Option Comparison


  • The application will provide the detail side by side comparison of installed versions of Program processing option settings to the “To Be” structure (upgrade version).
  • There will be the opportunity to export the document to Excel to provide the consultant a working document for annotations and creating Project Setup and User Documentation.
  • Ability to inspect and compare the actual processing values






Menu Comparison


  • Throughout many of C&A Technology’s upgrades the functional staff is required to compare menus from the older version to the newer version. JD Edwards often times changes the menu structure to accommodate new feature functionality. Changes to the menu structure need to be accommodated for in the upgrade.
  • The current menu reports do not dive deep enough to be useful for our functional consultants.
  • C&A technology have written these reports over and over.






Data Dictionary Comparison


  • The application will provide the detail side by side comparison of Data Dictionary elements that are either changed, missing or extra. There will be the opportunity to export the document to Excel to provide the consultant a working document for annotations and creating Project Setup and User Documentation.






Comparison Tools Benefits

  • Saves precious time for the IT staff.
  • These tools were designed to be used by functional JDE BA’s and can be run at will
  • Low cost solution – If you have to build these tools yourself
  • Tools are not just used for upgrades but can be used for regression testing of:
  • Baseline type ESU’s
  • Business Process Changes
  • Production Validation Testing


Developer Tool Kit Overview


Why CAT built the Developer Tool Kit

First, ask yourself these questions:


Are you making these critical JD Edwards mistakes?

Customer Object Analyzer

Case for Action

  • In JDE Upgrade, documentation is typically inadequate or simply missing in some cases, that lists program modifications that have been performed to “Base JDE Objects”. Implementation of a new versions are difficult due to the business processes that need to be supported. Comparing new functionality to replace the mods is impossible.


Objective of Application

  • The new application will provide a detail list of modified “Base JDE Object” programs to be tested and validated against enhancements in the new version creating Project Setup and User Documentation.



  • This will provide a detail list of programs that can then be compared to new functionality that may be able to replace the modification. This will also serve as the documentation of the “Old vs. New” programs to help in retrofit processes.




Categories of Inspection





Log File Parser

  • JDE debug log files grow to an unmanageable size very quickly. Most of the information in the logs is not necessary for researching errors. For developers, the majority of the time this log has more information than needed. Either, the log has information for dates and times not within the research window or the extra logging information is obscuring the real business logic. This parser will allow a more focused inspection of the debug logs.
  • The process to split a file has many advantages. Split the file to include only a designated date and time range for review of system issues. Split the overlarge file into smaller files so that the log can be opened in a plain text editor. The log split operation will retain all business logic and system process logging. This enables focused reviewing of the logs for system issues.
  • The process to parse the file for Business Function logic enables a quicker review of the log file. There are hundreds of lines between steps in the business logic. The requirement to scroll through hundreds of log lines to get to a table fetch after the function is called can lead to overlooking the issue highlighted in the log.




Log Parser Report


Developer Tool Kit Benefits

  • Saves precious time for the IT staff to investigate how many custom/modified objects you really have. Use as a change control process
  • Low cost solution – If you had to build an extension of the current JDE report would it would be cost prohibitive
  • Tools are not just used for upgrades but can be used for various reasons:
  • Baseline type ESU’s
  • Change Control
  • Business Process Changes


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