Is your project is on track? A JDE Project Health Check Case Study



ERP Projects are complex and difficult to manage without a strong game plan and project management team. What happens when a project goes off track or you are just not sure if you are going to make your go-live on time?  This presentation will detail a proven methodology and approach to determine if there is a problem and then execute a tried and tested process to get it back on track. 

We will present two customer case studies as samples. We will present a clearly defined 7 step process for evaluating JDE and ERP projects and if off track the methodology required to turn around a project, get management buy-in for project success.

What you will learn

  • Identifying red flags prior to and during project execution
  • Outline the steps to take to avoid run-away projects
  • A Project Management Remediation Methodology to “Right the Ship”
  • Redefine the correct Projects Goals and Project Scope
  • Getting users motivated and upper management buy-in
  • How best to evaluate your services vendor to ensure “best in class” Project Management techniques
  • Building a Project Scorecard to determine where you are at any stage in the project
  • Three key components to fool-proof your testing methodology
  • The best environment integrity tools to use for upgrades and ongoing support.


Join C&A Technology for a 50-minute presentation webcast.
Thursday, Nov 29, 2018 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

There will be a 10-minute Q&A period at the end of the webcast.


What people are saying

“Jeff, I really enjoyed your presentation on “Project Health Check – How to Get Your Project Back on Track” – at the NEJUG conference.  I truly appreciated your specific tips and feedback as it relates to keeping projects on track.  Project Health Check is fascinating!”
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